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Thursday, July 22, 2010


As an avid fan of cooking shows (and not just Masterchef by the way), I've been doing some experimenting in the kitchen. Each Sunday I bake something yummy for Will's lunchbox since I am absolutely determined that my son will not grow up believing that biscuits come from a packet.

Choc Chip Biscuits
Mmm... Fudgey...
I think I must be doing something right as Will is now nagging me to buy Tim Tams so his lunch looks like everyone else's! As a working mother (is there any other kind??) I always feel guilty that I'm not up at the school all day volunteering for canteen duty or whatever else the other mums get sucked in to doing; but at least I can make sure that my boy gets fed well with home-made treats and nutritious meals. As women, why do we put such pressure on ourselves? I'm sure my husband doesn't feel bad about not being a stay-at-home father and keeping a clean house, attending all the school related excursions whilst making sure that our beloved son has ironed handkerchiefs. Why is this guilt placed on the shoulders of overworked mothers? I'm not really sure, but I can't help feeling better knowing that while Will sometimes has snot stains on his sleeve cuffs, at least he's eating something made with love from raw ingredients.

A rather lop-sided vanilla sponge cake with jam and cream
I've also had a go at making biscotti, curry and choc pudding though I forgot to take photos of these. I'II post the recipe for my tasty treats on a later blog so you can try them for yourselves.


  1. Oh wow .... those biccies look amazing! Home made is always best :o)

  2. Max, your blog is a hoot. I know you're being serious, some of the time, but it had me smiling!

  3. Thanks, Dogsbody! Sometimes it's difficult to know that anyone's out there so thanks for the feedback x

  4. Un-bloody-believable!!! My baby sister baking such wonders, and not even a crumb to be had at this end? What is going on??????? All I get is a picture??? PLEASE EXPLAIN xxxxx


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