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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Tribute to Bogan Culture - Part 1

I have come across many bogan children, or children of bogans, in my career and I thought it was time to pay tribute to the Bogan Culture. The Bogan Culture is thriving at the moment due to the baby bonus and as such, we should celebrate this wonderful new addition to our otherwise sensible, stable and tasteful society.

Yes, they may have mullets / tongue rings / ear stretchers / tattoos / hotted up cars / personalised number plates / acid wash jeans / boob tubes / badly spelt bumper stickers / moccies / regrowth / UDL cans / paint ball memberships / Hey Hey It's Saturday likings / dangerous dog breeds / Winfield Blues / KFC buckets / AC/DC tickets and Collingwood FC memberships, but bogans also have something extra special...

Badly spelt names for thier numerous children! So here's a tribute to the many Dakotas, Braydees, Braydens, PJs, Dallas', Courtnees, Danyellas, Darcies, Destinees, Hayleighs, Jaxsons, Jovis', Kades, Kahluas, Lokhlans, Maddissons, Maffews, Narnias, Princesses, Sharlets, Sophees and Mitchyls that I have come across. Enjoy your bogan names - I certainly do!

There is sure to be more about Bogan Culture in future posts. I just can't get enough!


  1. I think you have many fine points there Max, and though the Bogan (way of life and species itself) died out many moons ago, this new version is proving to be made of hardier stuff,and will be around for many moonies - opps, I mean moons - to come. LONG LIVE THE BOGAN!!

  2. oh noo I am called Darcy, I have a tongue piercing and tattoos and stretched ears....should i be worried hahahaha


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