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Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Like...

I asked for some feedback on my blog today from someone whom I love and respect very much. He seemed to think that I come across as sounding angry and cynical... Moi??? Anyway, just to set his mind at ease while proving to the world that I am actually filled with love and sunshine and fluffy kittens, I've come up with a list of things that make me happy. They appear below in no particular order and as I think of more, I'II add them to future blogs. Please feel free to contribute to the list by using the comments box at the end of this post.

I like it when:
  • I get a wave from the person driving the car I let cut in
  • Will eats vegetables that haven't been fried / crumbed / drenched in cheese
  • The house is clean
  • The boys go to the footy and leave me in peace
  • The boys return from the footy and disturb my peace
  • I resist chocolate
  • I fit in to my jeans
  • My students get it right
  • I hang out with girlfriends
  • I get to wear my PJ's all day long
  • The weather starts to get warmer
  • I find money in my coat pocket
  • My sisters and I sing together
  • A good song comes on the radio
  • I go shopping with money in my purse
  • It's the end of the day I can lie in bed knowing that everything's done

I've missed about a billion things, but I hope I've proven that I'm not a Negative Nancy. In the mean time, perhaps we should all stop and take stock of all the ordinary, everyday things that we like. What would you put on your list????


  1. I like all your likes, except singing sisters, bit difficult in my case as my sister lives in Australia and I am in UK...not that either of us can sing lol

  2. Yeah baby! I like most of the things on your list and I would go so far as to add: I love the rain at night, lindt chocolate, sleeping children, hot chips on a cold night, suprise gifts, a really good book, cookie-dough icecream, suck-me-in undergarments, oh, and if you want, rainbows.... These are a few of my favourite things!!!


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