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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ordinary Days

I just love school holidays. As a teacher and mother, I see this time as a space to do normal, homely stuff that doesn't involve timetables, alarms, packed lunches or generally going about day to day life trying to balance panic and guilt.

Yesterday I made some yummy vegetable soup with leftover stuff from the fridge:

                   From this...                                                  To this...

                                                    To this!

Of course the vikings didn't go too much for it, so I served it with hot garlic bread to disguise the fresh and healthy taste. Funny how becoming a mother means also learning how to use blackmail for the greater good.

Then today I took Will to get a haircut. This is no easy task since he decided to grow his hair - though unfortunately his hair had formed a natural looking mullet. He made me promise that the hairdresser would only thin it out a bit and give it a slightly more stylish shape (no offence Billy Ray Cyrus..).

He's gone from looking like a bogan wife beater, to looking like a dunny brush. Much better, I think.

After the haircut I took my own advice and made a drop-in visit to one of my 'top 4' mates who has been proving VERY difficult to get hold of. I thought I'd take a pic just so I can remember what she looks like (and enjoy the fact that she's NO LONGER ABLE TO WEAR HIPSTER JEANS).

Here's to 'Up the Duff' Linners!

Doesn't she look fantastic? I think she should do the whole Demi Moore nude cover girl thing - though I'd be happy not to be the photographer in that scenario.

What a lovely, non-work day. Only 60 more semesters and I can retire - but who's counting???

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