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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The Age 'Good Weekend' magazine have a weekly column called 'Upfront' whereby someone interesting responds to 27 questions. I don't pretend for a moment that I am interesting, but since I'm bored I thought I'd give it a go.

My earliest memory is... looking through the bars of my cot at Nain's house - wondering when someone would come and get me.
At school I... got away with bad behaviour / laziness / rudeness / bullying / disrespect etc. and that's just as a teacher!
I don't like talking about... boring shit
My most treasured possession is... my laptop - the ticket to the world
My mother always told me... 'don't play between your navel and your knees!'
In the movie of my life, I'd be played by... Ruth Jones ('Nessa' from 'Gavin and Stacey') or Catherine Tate
I wish I had... the skinny gene
I wish I hadn't... thought I could wait to have another child
My most humiliating moment was... hearing that my husband had split his pants in front of the Premier of QLD
My guiltiest pleasure is... alternating between mouthfuls of jelly snakes and Cadbury Bubble chocolate
My last meal would be... lots and lots of carbs. And then a pizza, topped with another pizza. Then a 'Death by Chocolate' dessert and a bottle of Frangelico.
I'm very bad at... demonstrating diplomacy, finding my way around and understanding plots in crime shows
When I was a child I wanted... a happy family
If I could change one moment of my life it would be... 'Yeah, Tim. Gatton sounds great! Let's move there right now!'
The book that changed my life is... 'Grug goes to School' - the first book I read by myself
It's not fashionable, but I love... Mark Latham
If I could live anywhere, I'd choose... Edinburgh, Scotland.
My worst trait is... I don't have much patience with stupid people, bogans and people with offensive bumper stickers
My best trait is... I like to laugh
My greatest fear is... enclosed spaces, drowning, spiders, Tony Abbott...
If only I could... have more time to play
The hardest thing I've ever done was... become a mother - a wonderful yet incredibly exhausting experience
I relax by... wearing my pyjamas and reading in front of the television
What I don't find amusing is... bigoted views and scare mongering about 'Boat People'
I'm always being asked... 'Muuuuuuum..?'
If I wasn't me I'd like to be... my fat, lazy and happy Labrador - Dougal.
I often wonder... when will I have time to wonder about all the weird shit that happens?

This was fun. Have a go yourself and let me know what you come up with.

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  1. Yeap, I'd agree with some of those answers! Though I did think your earliest memory COULD have included me?! I did, after all, bring you your first stuffed alligator - in the hospital as soon as you popped out!!!


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