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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Top 5

My husband and I once had a deal whereby we were both permitted to choose 5 people with whom we wished to become intimate with (intellectually speaking of course), and in the unlikely event that this person ever become receptive, then we would have each other's blessing. When this deal was first struck, Tim broke the rules immediately by choosing people he actually had half a chance of attracting (the girl who works at Safeway, the chick in the bank, the woman who lives down the road etc.). As usual, I remained sensible and chose famous people who I'd never likely meet, let alone get jiggy with. I've since revoked the deal because of Tim's obvious floundering of the rules. However, since I've done nothing to corrupt the spirit in which the agreement was reached, I reckon I can keep my list. Here it is (in no particular order):

Mmmm... David Tennant
Yep, I'm in desperate need of The Doctor. He might be rather slim and a tad pasty, but isn't he just gorgeous? His attraction lies in his cheeky smile, his sing-song accent and the likelihood of him wearing a skirt. Mmmm... He can park the Tardis on my doorstep any day.

Oh yeah, Baby! It's David Morrissey
David Morrissey has the smouldering good looks of a 1940's film star. He's big and strong and if you've ever seen the series of 'Blackpool' you'll know that he's a real man. Yep, David makes me feel like a natural woman.

Bring it on, Latham!
Yep, a bit out of left field, but Mark Latham is a real honey. I met him once when he was opposition leader and I sensed a real chemistry between us. I like the fact that he's passionate, witty and a bit mental. When Latham was leader, politics was interesting. I miss him and wish he was here to light my lusty fire.

It doesn't get much better than Richard Armitage
Hubba Hubba. If you saw the wedding on Vicar of Dibley you'll know why he's on the list. Oh. My. God. I think I ovulated when I saw that episode. He's just lovely and obviously likes his women real and curvy. Here I am, Baby!

Rupert Penry-Jones  

Adam from Spooks. How could I ever be a lesbian when there are men of this calibre alive? He must be just about the perfect specimen of man. Rupert, if you're reading this, you are the wind beneath my wings.

What do you think about this list? Have I left anyone off? So many men, so little time. Hmm... I'd better go now and have a cold shower *sigh*


  1. I still like the chick from Safeway!


  2. Firstly, to Timbo, that person of interest in Safeway, ISN'T EVEN A CHICK!!!!! :)

    Secondly, Max, what were you thinking??? Where is Elvis (and, yes, even though he may be dead, you have just as much chance of meeting him as any of the others!). Hmmm, I will have to give your last blog some serious thought...


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